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Our Mission

Extreme partisanship and special interests have disrupted our political system. We’ve had enough. We know that it’s our unity and the values we share in common that has always been the source of Arizona's strength.

Unite Arizona is committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better state for future generations.

Together, with our voices and our votes, we will rise above today’s divisions and pioneer a new way forward for Arizona and our country.

Our Challenge

As Democrats and Republicans move further to their respective extremes, Arizona’s state legislature has become more polarized.

The result is that many Arizonans are left without a voice in our government, and the legislature itself has become paralyzed by increasing partisanship. Bottom line: there is little progress on the important issues we all care about.

Our Solution

We’re focused on scaling and accelerating the movement to put voters first, and ensure that our leaders have the capability to find solutions to Arizona's greatest problems.

Our staff

Luis Acosta-Herrera

Executive Director

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