60% of Arizonans support ranked choice voting

Unite Arizona
May 25, 2021

Over the last month, we’ve seen Arizona’s partisanship make a splash in the national news — and not in a good way. The election audit in Maricopa County has become a national embarrassment based on lies and a greater allegiance to party than to country. 

Luckily, we at Unite Arizona have been hard at work, continuing to fight to put voters first. Catch up with the latest from the state capitol over the last month: 

  1. Arizonans support ranked choice voting

Despite how partisan things seem these days, it’s important to remember that our political identities aren’t the only thing that define us. In fact, new polling from the Center for the Future of Arizona and Gallup find that on a number of issues — Arizonans agree. 

From clean air, to a path for Dreamers, Arizonans agree on a lot. But most exciting for us: 60% of Arizonans think that ranked choice voting is a good solution to create new incentives for elected officials. Ranked choice voting provides better choice, voice, and power to voters, all while encouraging lawmakers to work together and serve wider swaths of their constituencies. Check out a breakdown of the poll in Arizona Central

  1. Redistricting: Explained

While Arizona (to many people’s surprise) did not gain a Congressional seat in the latest Congressional Reapportionment figures, Arizona still has a momentous challenge ahead of us; as one of the few states that use independent redistricting commissions to draw our legislative maps, we have the opportunity to ensure fair maps for all voters. 

In our blog this month, we break down how exactly Arizona’s redistricting process works, and how we, the people fought to ensure that gerrymandering is eliminated in our state. Check out the blog and learn how you can get involved in the process here. 

  1. SB 1485 signed into law

Arizona lawmakers took a big step backward this month, signing SB1485 into law. Unite Arizona was there until the very end fighting against this legislation, but the political opposition finally won out. Now, voters who fail to vote in two consecutive elections will be kicked off of the Permanent Absentee Voting List, making voting more difficult for law abiding Arizonans. 

As Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said, “Arizona’s vote-by-mail system is tried and true, and the changes proposed in this bill aren’t just unnecessary—they’re detrimental to voters.” Nevertheless, you need to be educated and informed so that your vote, your family members’ vote, and your neighbors vote are counted. Check out the latest on Arizona’s election law changes.

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